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Quality Tritium Services

femto-TECH provides unparalleled support for our instrumentation. Our equipment is known not only for it's sensitivity and ease of use, but for it's shear longevity of application in the field. Much of our instrumentation sold as far back as the 80's are still widely in use today, as we regularly see them back for annual calibration/servicing.

Background & Calibration

At femto-TECH, we of course specialize in the calibration of our own instrumentation and provide this service as a convenience to our customers. Our calibrations are conducted by trained personnel and are offered at a competitive price. Each of our calibrations include an "as found" background check along with gamma checks conducted with an active source in various configurations relative to the tested chamber. We conduct our tritium calibrations with actual NIST-traceable tritium gas mixed with aged nitrogen, or other mix gases when requested/applicable.

Maintenance & Repair

Our tritium measurement instrumentation has a long standing history with various industries and is known for it's longevity & reliability within each application. With that being said, accidents can happen out in the field and on rare occasions there is a need for servicing or repair outside of their need for calibration. Any downtime with your instrumentation is of understandable concern, which is why we aim to provide a quick & cohesive turn around on all of our servicing, often completed within two work weeks.

Tritium Calibration Hood

Our Tritium Service Offerings

femto-TECH, INC.

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Tritium Calibration

Includes "as found" background check, calibration with NIST traceable gas, post-calibration gamma check from various angle configurations, & electronics checkup.

  • Retail Cost: $950

Tritium Device Repair

Cost amounts to the price of parts plus the time spent on completing the job. Our shop rates are highly competitive.

  • Retail Cost: $ Cost of parts
  • Shop Rate: $150/hr.

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