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TRI-1 Remote

Digital remote readout w/ alarms for U24-D


Power 100 to 125 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz (built-in filter), factory settable for 200 to 240 VAC.
Fusing 2 Amp line fuse in power entry module.
Display Custom 12 digit red LED matrix display readable at 50 feet (15.2 meter).
access_alarmAlarms Two audio/visual alarms with acknowledge and automatic reset. Set points are independent and adjustable throughout both ranges.
Alarm Lockout Automatic 90 second alarm lockout on power up and zero.
Outputs Linear (or logarithmic optional) output proportional to tritium concentration, range indicator, high and low alarm indicators, fault indicator, & optional logarithmic output.
Data Storage All instrument settings (alarm settings, offset, etc.) retained in EEPROM.
Dimensions TRI-1 alone is 3.5" (8.9cm) high x 16.75" (42.54cm) wide (19" (48.26cm) with rack mount hardware) x 12" (30.48cm) deep.
Weight 12 lbs.(5.5 kg.), 20 lbs.(9.1 kg.) shipping

The femto-TECH TRI-1 digital remote allows the user to remotely monitor systems that are in hard to reach areas. The TRI-1 includes functionalites similar to it's parent U24-D system, including but not limited to two audio/visual alarms that can be set independent of the parent device, as well as outputs for remote data collection and logging.

Active Gamma Comp.

Gamma compensation for 224x chambers


Gamma chamber will match specs identical to chamber it is compensating for

The femto-TECH Active Gamma Compensation Chamber is designed to be paired with comparable femto-TECH 224x chambers. The gamma compensation chamber is mounted on top of the chamber it is compensating for, and actively offsets any gamma radiation it detects from it's paired chamber's readings. The gamma compensation chamber can be deactivated at any time via a switch on the electrometer housing.

TRI-1 Interface Cable

For connection between U24-D & TRI-1


Length 50ft. ($3.00 per each additional foot)
Max Length 1000ft. (305m.)
Width .25" (6.35mm)

This cable is required to connect a femto-TECH TRI-1 remote to a femto-TECH U24-D chassis.

Ion Chamber Cable

Connection between U24-D and chamber


Length 6 ft.
Additional Length $3 / additional ft.
Supports U24-D

6' included with purchase of U24-D system.

This heavy-duty cable is used to connect femto-TECH ion chambers to a U24-D control chassis. Each U24-D system comes with a 6ft. cable. Custom lengths are also available up to 1000ft.

Chamber Mount Assembly

For wall-mounting ion chambers


Material Black anodized steel
Supports 224x series ion chambers

The femto-TECH chamber mount assembly allows the user to mount 224x chambers to a vertical surface. The assembly is made of anodized steel and bolts directly onto the 224x chamber.

Dwyer Metering Valve

3 to 25 L/min


Body Acrylic plastic
Metal Parts Brass
Float Stainless steel
Temp & Pressure Limits 100 psig at 150°F
150 psig at 100°F
Accuracy VFA: 5% of full-scale
VFB: 3% of full-scale

FT100 Filter Assembly

HEPA filter assembly with 99.9% efficiency


Material Stainless steel
Filter Material P100 filter cartridge

The femto-TECH FT100HEPA filter assembly is designed to hold a standard P100 filter cartridge such as the Mine Safety Appliances (MSA®) 815369. Other brand filters with diameters of 2.56” (65mm) across the main body and 2.73” (70mm) across the top edge are acceptable. These filters are effective in removing up to 99.97% of all particulate aerosols including oil-based aerosols under the 42 CFR 84 P100 classification. The assembly consists of two parts. The lid is attached with four (4) 1” 6-32 Phillips head screws. The main body has an o-ring for sealing the lid (1/16” x 2 7/8” x 3” #40) and another (3/32” x 2 9/16” x 2 ¾” #145) for sealing the replaceable filter cartridge. Any label on the side of the filter cartridge must be removed prior to installation in the main body (see picture below). Typically, a standard pair of pliers is required to remove the filter cartridge. Gently pulling on alternating sides eases removal of the filter. The inlet port in the lid and the exhaust port on the main body consist of fine thread NPT tapped holes for barbed 1/8” x 1/4” fittings. The lid may be removed and rotated to any one of the four possible alignments. Four threaded 6-32 holes are available for mounting with four on the bottom (3.25” center to center). Replacement of the filter is totally dependent upon the pumping time, flow, and the amount of contaminants. Either a predetermined schedule, such as once a month for continuous pumping, or by checking the flow rate periodically should guide the user as to how often to change. If the filter becomes restricted, a vacuum will be drawn on the ion chamber. A drop of less than 100 torr will not create a large error in the measured concentration. If an inline rotometer or other control is used to adjust flow, a drop in flow of 5% or greater may indicate the need for a filter change.

Filter for FT100HEPA

Replacement P-100 HEPA 99.9% efficiency


Protects Against P-100 Particulate
Rating P100
Cartridge Type Bayonet

Balston DQ Filter

93% efficiency


Material Nylon
Filter Type In-Line
Port Size 1/4"
Max FLow Rate 14.1 m³/min
8.3 CFM

Diaphragm Pump

20 LPM


Power 120 or 230 VAC
50-60 Hz
Flow Rate 20 L/min.

Brailsford DC Pump

Brushless Diaphragm 10-15 DC


Power 10-15 VDC
FLow Rate 2-3 LPM

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