CRM-510LP Device Training

The femto-TECH, INC. model CRM-510LP is a precision airborne alpha radiation detection instrument based on the same field proven pulsed ion chamber technology of previous models R210F and RS410F. Due to a unique patented electrometer and open grid probe design, the model CRM-510LP is highly suited for a wide range of radon measurement applications. Because of the low current requirements of the electrometer detector and on-board computer, the model CRM-510LP is truly a portable self-contained continuous radon monitor that can read and store test data for eight days of stand-alone operation. In this "passive" mode of operation the model CRM-510LP is uniquely suited for screening and follow-up type testing.


CRM-510LP - How to start a radon test
CRM-510LP - How to stop a radon test
CRM-510LP - How to check data
CRM-510LP - How to download test data
Rad-Lab - Getting started
Rad-Lab - Downloading CRM-510LP data
Rad-Lab - Report setup
Rad-Lab - Report Management

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