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We are femto-TECH, an industry standard of radiation measurement since 1986

Made in the USA

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Innovative Technology

Since 1986, we have strived to embrace and drive change in our industry which allows us to keep our clients relevant.

Excellent Features

Our instrumentation is made with the finest electronic components and outfitted with features second to none.

Fully Responsive

We provide a support system that allows you to worry about what matters most.

About Our Company

femto-TECH, INC. takes pride in the role it has in the field of radiation detection. Starting in the government arena, then moving to the commercial and private sectors, we have established ourselves as a premier manufacturer of quality radiation detection instrumentation.

Over the past 30+ years we have produced thousands of highly respected instruments for use in the fields of tritium and radon detection.

Providing excellent quality, service, and support for our customers has enabled us to become recognized and used by many as an industry standard. We stay current on issues dealing with the standards and protocols of our industry and update our customers accordingly.

Why Choose femto-TECH?

We manufacture our devices in the USA with the user in mind. Thousands of our devices are being used by radon professionals and Federal and State Governments.

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Our patented sensitive radon measuring technology uses passive air diffusion through a pulsed ion chamber. Not only is it one of the most sensitive technologies available, it makes measuring and detecting radon a breeze.

Any instrumentation provided by femto-TECH is designed to work for you, and is known to last years beyond competing instrumentation. We are often referred to as the "work horses" of the industry due to our durable construction and limited lifetime warranties. We regularly calibrate instrumentation manufactured by us from as far back as the 1980's.

  • Radon & Air Quality
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Customizable settings
  • Lasts months on one charge!
  • Virtually unlimited data storage
  • USB & Bluetooth
  • Free mobile & desktop software on all major platforms
  • Our Rental Program

    Our rental program gives you the tools you need to focus on what matters most. Successful business starts with quality instrumentation.

    Premium Sensitivity

    With sensitivity starting at 84 counts per hour at 4 pCi/l, we offer some of the most sensitive devices on the market.

    Long-Term Battery

    Our low-powered instrumentation is designed to last as much as a full year on batteries (no need to charge daily).

    Automatic Replacement

    When your device comes near the end of it's calibration, you will automatically be contacted to organize it's free replacement.

    Guaranteed Coverage

    Rest easy. If something were to ever go wrong, a replacement will be sent out at no cost to you.

    Professional Rental Program

    • No setup fees
    • Includes carrying case, download cable & femto -TECH Rad-Lab Software
    • Android/iOS/Windows/macOS Supported
    • Cloud support included at no added cost!
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    Why choose femto-TECH?

    Our quality services keep your equipment in top working order. From calibration to regular servicing & repair, we do it all.

    Minimal Downtime

    With our radon rental program, you never need to worry about calibrations or monitor downtime. A replacement device will be sent to you near the end of your calibration.

    Customized Reports

    Each report can include your company logo, images taken on site, signatures, and more! You can even have a quick report delivered to your customer within a minute of downloading the test data!

    Friendly Support

    We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service. Our knowledgeable support staff is available to you for any questions you may have, free of charge.

    We offer best in class service for your needs

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